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Review article “CHANGES IN 2024: Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs), Transfer Pricing, Offshoring and other news”
Exclusively for the Russian Business Guide magazine
Peculiarities of entering into contracts with partners from China
Important features of concluding contracts between partners from Russia and China, which will help you to avoid a number of mistakes
New in the rules for issuing permits by the government commission
Review of the latest changes in the procedure for transactions with shares of OOOs with participants from unfriendly countries
Submission of information about members of a foreign organization
All representative offices and branches of foreign companies are required to submit information about the members and beneficiaries of their parent structures to the tax authority by 28.03.2024
Changes in payments to highly qualified specialists (HQS) from 01.03.2024
Starting from 01.03.2024, the wages (remuneration) of an HQS must be at least 750 000 RUB per quarter.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the New Year 2024 bring only pleasant surprises, growing numbers, well-being and prosperity.
Internet advertising marking: Key points
Important: the new requirements apply to internet advertising that is displayed only in the Russian Federation
Military registration in the organization: 2023 updates
Starting from 01.10.2023, penalties for violations related to military registration have been significantly increased.
Important! Сhanges in transfer pricing from 01.01.2024
On 28.11.2023 a so called "Big Tax Law" Federal Law No. 539-FZ was published, which makes revolutionary changes in transfer pricing already from 01.01.2024.
New conditions for obtaining permissions for transactions with shares of LLCs
In October 2023, the Russian Ministry of Finance published two updates