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News digest (spring 2022)
We have summarised the news and practical advice essential for foreign businesses in Russia on payments, deliveries of goods and other aspects to pay attention to.
Overview of business support measures in the Russian Federation (Spring 2022)
swilar specialists have selected the novelties that are relevant for businesses with foreign capital and have prepared a digest of the measures taken.
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Dactyloscopy, photography and mandatory medical examinations for foreign citizens
Practical recommendations, duration of procedures and first-hand comment from our foreign colleague
New standards “accounting of leases/rentals” and “fixed assets” – practical emergency assistance for accountants
In case you have difficulties regarding the application of the new lease or fixed asset standards, send us an email with the subject “Question on the new FAS”. We will answer quickly and to the point
Changes in the tax treatment of finance lease transactions
On 29 November 2021, with the adoption of Federal Law No. 382-FZ, changes to the tax treatment of leasing transactions were introduced.
FAS 27/2021 - postponement of the due date for the requirement to store accounting documents
The due date for the requirement to store accounting documents on the territory of the Russian Federation is postponed from January, 1st 2021 to January, 1st 2024.
The rate limit for insurance payments in 2022
Rates of insurance payments and social contributions for SMEs in 2022
FAS 6/2020 "Fixed Assets" from 01.01.2022
Starting from January 1, 2022 a new standard for accounting for fixed assets is mandatory for usage - FAS 6/2020
Changes in Migration Legislation
Changes that shall become effective from December 29, 2021