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FAS 27/2021 - postponement of the due date for the requirement to store accounting documents
The due date for the requirement to store accounting documents on the territory of the Russian Federation is postponed from January, 1st 2021 to January, 1st 2024.
The rate limit for insurance payments in 2022
Rates of insurance payments and social contributions for SMEs in 2022
FAS 6/2020 "Fixed Assets" from 01.01.2022
Starting from January 1, 2022 a new standard for accounting for fixed assets is mandatory for usage - FAS 6/2020
Changes in Migration Legislation
Changes that shall become effective from December 29, 2021
The members of German-Russian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) in their own words: three questions to swilar
Comment of swilar Moscow General Director Daria Pogodina for the December issue of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce briefing
Transport tax for legal entities: Main changes in 2021
An overview of the main changes and recommendations on their application
Inclusion of license fees in the customs value
Due to the increasing risk of customs inspections, we recommend checking the requirements to include the license fees in the customs value by your company.
Obligation to include the personal data of corporate customers In the ESIA
Corporate mobile communication without inclusion of personal data into the Unified System of Identification and Authentication (rus. ESIA) starting from the 1st of December 2021 not possible
New: changes in the procedure for providing information about participants of foreign companies from 2021
The law obliges foreign organizations, as well as foreign entities without incorporation to report the following information to the tax authorities
New rules for document management and storage in Russia from 01.01.2022: FAS 27/2021
А consolidated overview of the main changes introduced by the new FAS.