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Integrated management accounting or controlling is an effective instrument for strategic and operational management of a company. Its key objective is to build an effective system for making, implementing, controlling and analyzing management decisions and, as a result, minimizing business risks.

Your company needs controlling especially if:

  • there is no systematic control of the level of accounts receivable;

  • you need to optimize your cost management system;

  • there is a negative working capital;

  • there is a lack of financial discipline and primary documentation;

  • there is a lack of monitoring of changes in tax legislation for tax optimization.

As an external controller, swilar offers the following list of services:

  • general analysis of planned and actual indicators;

  • assessment of the deviation of actual indicators from the planned ones with the identification and explanation of the reasons for deviations;

  • recommendations how to reach planned indicators.

We have all the necessary resources and competencies to build an effective system of integrated management accounting for your enterprise.