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Chief Accountant Function

Chief Accountant Function

The Chief Accountant is one of the managing positions of the company. The Chief accountant is responsible for the organization and correct construction of all business processes of the company's accounting department. She/he is also the contact person for the tax authorities, banks and other related authorities and is responsible for possible errors in the accounting and tax accounting of the company.

Processing accounting and tax accounting for our clients, we ensure accurate, correct and complete compliance with the requirements of Russian accounting and tax legislation, fulfilling the functions of the Chief accountant in all aspects.

The service includes:

  • second signing of bank payments and transactions ("four-eyes principle");

  • second signature of primary documents (internal control function);

  • representing the client at the tax office and funds.

Our specialists have many years of experience as Chief accountant, are members of the Institute of Professional Accountants (IPB) of Russia and have a confirmed qualification of "Chief Accountant of a commercial organization".

Your accountancy is in safe hands!