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Accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing

Russian accounting has its own specifics, which can be difficult for foreign investors to understand.

At the same time, Russian accounting in most cases is difficult to adapt to the requirements of a foreign founder: early closing of the period, special requirements to the data structure, the need to adapt to a different chart of accounts.

However, competent and clear organization of accounting is the most important condition for minimizing business risks in Russia.

That is why in many cases it is advisable to outsource accounting to competent specialists!

Our accounting team has a good understanding of the specifics of accounting according to Russian standards, and understands the needs of a foreign founder.

We can fulfill all accounting tasks for your company:

  • chief accountant function;

  • quarterly and annual reporting;

  • data for management reporting within the deadlines you set (early closing);

  • payroll outsourcing;

  • cost center accounting;

  • personnel accounting;

  • asset accounting;

  • currency control issues;

  • primary documentation;

  • all current operational accounting issues.

Our advantages:

  • many years of experience in accounting for foreign small and medium enterprises in Russia;

  • deep knowledge of reporting in the sphere of Russian standards of accounting;

  • regular monitoring of changes in Russian accounting and tax legislation;

  • option to adapt accounting data for management accounting purposes, including IFRS and national standards of European countries;

  • consulting support on all accounting and taxation issues, including in a foreign language.