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Liability for violation of personal data protection

Liability for violation of personal data protection

In case your activity involves processing of personal data by using a website, we recommend that you check compliance with all legal requirements for the protection of personal data.

Starting March 27, 2021 the liability for violation of the processing of personal data became more strict: provisions of the Federal Law dated February 24, 2021 Nr. 19- FZ "On Amending the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences" will come into force.

This law increases the following fines:
  • Legal entities may face a fine from sixty thousand to one hundred thousand rubles for unlawful and/or non-purpose data processing.
  • In the absence of legally required consent to the processing of personal data, legal entities face a fine of thirty thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand rubles.
  • Failure to provide users/subjects of personal data with access to the personal data processing policy or information on the personal data protection requirements being met may subject legal entities to a fine of thirty to sixty thousand rubles.

In addition to the fines increase, the warning as a form of administrative responsibility for violation of legislation on personal data is eliminated. According to clause 2 of the mentioned law, the limitation period for that kind of violation is increased to 1 year. Please note that Federal Supervision Service for Communications, Information Technologies and Media (Roskomnadzor) may inspect the compliance of the data collection and processing with Russian law. The first check may take place after three years from the date of registration of a legal entity by the tax authority. The second check will also be possible after the expiration of the three-year period from the date of the last scheduled check of the operator.

We recommend that you check your company for inclusion in the inspection plan on the official website of Roskomnadzor and prepare the necessary documents in case of an inspection. Unscheduled inspection of the company can be initiated if violations on the website are detected or if previously detected violations have not been eliminated. We will be happy to answer your questions!

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